New events for 2013

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In 2013 they are coming up THICK and FAST – Check back often!


A plan of action for September.

The summer holiday period is now over.  During this time some of us have been probing the enemy’s defences to see how they react when confronted with the reality and truth about the Bradbury Pound.  The truth is that establishment-led politicians, including UKIP’s own leadership, have absolutely no answer to the simple principle of governments of sovereign nations issuing their own debt-free and interest-free money based on the credit and wealth of their nations.  Silence is the usual response from these self-serving ‘useful idiots’ of the debt-creating banking elite.
The Party Conference Season is now about to begin and nearly every grassroots delegate of these mainstream parties – the foot soldiers who keep these traitors of low empathy in their positions of power and influence  – will not have heard about the Bradbury Pound and the tremendous implications of its restoration.  This is all about to change with YOUR help:
TUC Conference at the Bournemouth International Centre from Sunday 8 September until Wednesday 11 September,
Can supporters of the Bradbury Pound who live in or near Bournemouth and who are free to give out leaflets to delegates arriving at or leaving the venue, please email me ( and I will send you an electronic leaflet that you can print off and photocopy for handing out.
Green Party at the Metropole Hotel, Brighton Friday 13 September to Monday 16 September. 
Again, anyone who lives in or around Brighton who would like to hand out Bradbury Pound leaflets to the Greens, please email me.
LibDems at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Exhibition Way,Glasgow G3 8YW from Saturday September 14 until Wednesday September 18.
If you would like to lobby and leaflet the LibDems, please contact me.
UKIP at Westminster Central Hall, London on Friday 20 September and Saturday 21 September.
UKIP should be natural supporters of the restoration of the Bradbury Pound but, so far, their leadership refuse to acknowledge and support the idea of a sovereign and independent nation issuing its own debt-free and interest-free money……aren’t they supposed to be the UK Independence Party!  A lot of us are coming to London for this conference so please make the effort if you can to be there.   And if anyone is an actual member of UKIP, can you please email me.
Labour Party Brighton Sunday September 22 until Wednesday 25 September.
Again, we need to get the message about the Bradbury across to the grassroots foot soldiers that Milliband depends upon.  Please email me if you can get to Brighton to hand out leaflets for this conference.
Conservative Party at the Manchester Central Sunday September 29 – Wednesday October 2
This is the BIG ONE for us to have a real presence at – please can everyone try and make it to Manchester – let’s make sure that Cameron and Osborne can no longer ignore the historical precedent of the Bradbury.   There will be fringe meetings outside the conference centre for us to attend – we will be there to ask the difficult questions!  Please email me if you can come.
Finally, there is every chance that the shooting war against Syria may have started during these conferences.  Please remember that the mindset that has created this situation (and all the other nasty wars since the end of WW2) depends on being able to control the world’s money supply.  Take this away from them and their House of Cards will collapse overnight.  They will lose their power.  It really is that simple!  If the UK embraces the debt-free and interest-free Bradbury Pound again, the whole world will follow suit and ditch the Central Bankers, the Bank for International Settlements and the IMF overnight.  The world will shake off the debt yoke and nations will become sovereign again.  Not a bad result for giving out a few leaflets!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Justin Walker – Campaign Co-ordinator




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