Legally dead island – Cestui Que Vie Act 1666

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Thanks to G-Force, with a poetic take on the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666

Legally dead island


In 1665 Britain was infected with the deadly plague -
In 1666 a great fire then did rage -
But while London was burning down, yes let me repeat that; WHILE LONDON WAS BURNING DOWN -
the parliment of the day decided to hold a special sessions, where they all sat down -
for the right time had come for them to now set in motion -
there would never be a better chance, time, opportunity, amongst all that commotion -
and what they did truly amazed me, you won’t believe what they did you see…

They pasted through the “Cestui Que Vie Act” of 1666 -
which today STILL EXISTS -
so please, have no doubt, for what this Act is all about -
is because of the great plague and fire, now hear me: THET DIDN’T KNOW WHO WAS ALIVE OR DEAD – Truly.
So they passed it through first in Latin -
so the commoners couldn’t read it -
so they knew not what was happening; then they decided to print it in French… as if that’s going to make any sense?!

For the only ones who could read it were the well off you see -
who had the right bloodline or ancestry -
so, believe you me, until you tell them you are actually ALIVE, we are all DEAD!!!
Go let your brain cells now figure that out; inside your unique head.

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